Questions to Ask If Restoring a ‘Muscle Car’

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Owning a “muscle car”, a trend which has been steadily on the decline since the 60s & 70s, is a dream that most people have. If you’re one of these folks who have always loved old cars and wish to buy one, here are a few questions that you should ask yourself:

#1: What’s the budget?

Knowing how much money you can spend is the first step to owning a muscle car. As you search for your favorite car both online and offline, this figure will change, but it is good to at least have a starting point.

#2: What condition should the car be in?

If the car that you have your eye on is in a semi-restored or unrestored state, it might cost you much less. However, once you do buy and decide to put it back on the road again, you will soon realize that the working parts required can cost you a fortune.

#3: Which model/ car do I want?

Since most of these classic muscle cars are pretty expensive, there’s no doubt that you budget will dictate which vehicle you would like to purchase. However, if you do have the money and have a sentimental attachment to a particular automaker, it’s probably a good idea to go after what you want.

#4: Can I ‘restore’ the car myself?

Since these powerful cars were designed rather simply, all it takes is a simple garage and some tools to bring it back to mint condition. If you don’t have the appropriate knowledge to carry out such a project, please be advised that it could be very expensive to hire a professional for the job.