Enjoy a Romantic Getaway in Grand Cayman Without Waiting for a Ride

Whether you’ve come to Grand Cayman for your honeymoon or for a romantic break from your everyday routine, Grand Cayman car rentals give you access to the legendary beauty and playful spirit will stun you and your companion over the course of your stay. After arriving by air or by boat, you’ll find that Grand Cayman offers adventure, placid beauty, delicious cuisine, and excitement around every corner.

For those who want to get the most out of their stay, look into hotel reservations in George Town or West Bay. George Town is the capital of Grand Cayman, and features excellent excursions and quiet sightseeing opportunities. West Bay is home to other scenic tourist attractions, including the world-famous Seven Mile Beach.

Rent a Car

Despite Grand Cayman’s imposing name (it’s just larger than 75 square miles), it’s recommended that you drive across the island at your leisure. Before you’ve arrived, secure adequate transportation and rent a car in Grand Cayman. One option is Andy’s Car Rental, which offers a variety of sporty and functional vehicle options for the stylish and adventurous couples alike.

Andy’s has two locations—the George Town location is conveniently close to Owen Roberts International Airport, while the Seven Mile Beach location is right next to West Bay. The company even offers free shuttle service to and from its offices, which makes getting in and out of Grand Cayman as painless as a tropical breeze. Grand Cayman rent a car has never been so easy!

Soak up the Sun

There’s plenty of natural beauty to enjoy in Grand Cayman, and it’s recommended you see as much of it as possible. Seven Mile Beach is an obvious choice for any couple that appreciates crystal-clear water, powdery sand, and outdoor adventure. Whether you spend the day tanning on the shore, splashing in the water, snorkeling, or sailing just off the coast, there’s plenty to thrill couples looking for something different. At Seven Mile Beach is the Caribbean Club, which has a variety of delicious restaurants that show off the local cuisine.

Taste the Caribbean

Caribbean culture is famously intoxicating, but nowhere is this truer than in Grand Cayman’s numerous spirit distilleries. The local rum and beer are delicious, but be careful: have too much and you won’t be able to enjoy the flavorful spices and aromas that make Grand Cayman cuisine so special. If you’re in George Town, check out the Cayman Spirits Co. Distillery for delicious and authentic Caribbean rum.


Andy’s Rent-A-Car is your source to rent a car in Grand Cayman, outfitted with GPS to help you get around the island. Book your rental today with Andy’s.

Rules for Driving in Grand Cayman

Written by: Andys Rent-A-Car

Before you hit the road on your dream vacation, you should be sure that you’re driving in accordance with the rules of the Cayman Islands. The islands aren’t far from the states, but they do require different rules that what you might be used to. Some of the biggest changes have to do with driving on what Americans would consider “the wrong side of the road.” However, that’s not the only challenge you’ll face as a foreigner touching down on the Cayman Islands for the first time.

Business or pleasure, you’ll need these tips to drive rental cars in Grand Cayman.

Observe the Common Rules of the Road

Before you hit the road in earnest, make sure that you’ve adjusted your mirrors and that you have adequate vision around you. Fasten your seat belts, and have all passengers do the same. Remember that you’ll be driving on the left-hand side of the road, so take a moment to familiarize yourself with how that feels. Once you’ve picked up your car rental in Cayman Island, find a spot where you can drive without feeling the pressures of traffic. Basically, anywhere outside the town will do. Take a scenic drive to get familiar.

Acquire a Permit

Car rentals in Grand Cayman require the driver to have a visitor’s permit. This permit is intended for guests who plan to stay on the island for a period not exceeding six months. It’s simple to acquire one, and you’ll be charged only a nominal fee for it. Testing is not usually required to obtain a visitor’s permit, but you should be mindful that speed limits do not typically exceed 50mph in most zones.

Driving Basics

You’ll find many of the roads to be simple two lane highways, although the roads expand somewhat in town. You’ll need to observe a few rules driving on those open stretches, like overtaking safely. Do not overtake if you see a single or double solid yellow line in the middle of the road. Pedestrians are also commonplace in Grand Cayman, as there are many people here for business and pleasure. They should have the right of way at all times. For those planning to move, and importing a car from the US, be sure that your headlights are dipped left. Also remember that mobile phone use, unless hands-free, is illegal in the Cayman Islands.

Also, it is legal to make a left at a red light after you have made a full stop. Just be careful to look both ways before you do so.

The best car jacks to reduce inconvenience in changing tires

Written by Toolsmith Direct


Whether you have a flat tire or if you’re looking to switch out your tires for one with better wheels, you are going to need a pretty good car jack that will help you change out your tires without so much trouble. If you’re looking to put a jack in your car or in your home, a 3 ton floor jack as well as a jack standcan be a very good idea because it will definitely help you change out a flat or any other tire with so much ease. You see, the problem when it comes to having a standard car jack is that it is very difficult to operate. As a matter of fact, even mechanics themselves find it frustrating to operate since its handles are difficult to use. Imagine yourself with a flat on the side of the road and you only have a standard jack, a scissor car jack to be more specific, you would be constantly sweating trying to figure out how to operate it and to be actually trying to lift up your car. A 3 ton car jack allows you to lift your car by operating its lever in an up and down motion. On the other hand, a scissor jack would mean that you have to operate it by rotating the lever to lift the jack. A scissor jack entails 3 separate parts that you have to connect in order to operate it. All things considered, a 3 ton car jack is definitely easier to operate.

Car jacks can sometimes be frustrating to operate especially when you have standard issue jacks. You should get one with a built in handle so you can easily operate the hydraulic press.

Learning how to maintain your car by yourself

Written by Toolsmith Direct

Whether you have a classic muscle car or a fairly modern vehicle, you’ll find that learning how to care for your car by yourself has benefits for both you and your car. For starters, you wouldn’t have to go to your shop or dealership for standard maintenance tasks like changing your oil, adding steering wheel fluid, or changing spark plugs. These are basic tasks that you can easily do yourself, and when it comes to shops, they would even go as far as charging you a few hundred dollars for such a minor task. If you want to do things yourself, you’ll need  a few automotive tools like a floor creeperso you can take a look under your vehicle rather than just looking under the hood. You can take a few vocational classes as well as read up on books that will help you understand your car better and allow you to do some minor adjustments and repairs.

This will help you save hundreds of dollars in maintenance costs and even thousands of dollars in the long run as well. But of course, before you undertake anything, always make sure that you’re doing things correctly – which is why it’s ideal for you to take vocational classes. Joining auto clubs will also help you become more knowledgeable about the best parts for your vehicle as well as knowing where to source them so you can get them at the lowest possible prices. Get involved with your car, don’t just drive it.


Toolsmith Direct is the best friend for do it your selfers. In here, you’ll find all the tools and items that you need such as a mechanics tool set for repairs that you can do by yourself.

Easy Tools for Better Cars

By Toolsmith Direct

Everyone knows the importance of having a good car that will reliably run. Even if it’s not the newest, flashiest model available, you need a car you can depend on whether it’s for work or just everyday life. But many of us neglect the essential things we should be doing to make sure our beloved automobiles always stay that way.

Basically, it comes down to having the right tools to provide our car with regular maintenance.


It doesn’t need to be much. But most people simply don’t consider how helpful it is to own a snap-on air compressor for example. Combine that with a snap-on air hose and your car will see some serious longevity. For one, you can detail it at will to keep it looking nice and clean. When you go to sell it, you’ll be glad you did. But you can also use compressed air to make a messy job much, much easier.

This is just one example, but it’s probably a lot more than most people have available in their own garage right now. Your car is too important to not take care of it properly.


If you’re in the market for power tools, a 3 ton floor jack, a bottle jack, snap-on air tools or just about anything else, all you need to do is visit. Toolsmith Direct. The company has that brand (like trades pro) and many others with all the tools you need for whatever your current project is or will be.

How to Safely Use a Car Jack

Written by: Toolsmith Direct

Using a car bottle jack to change a tire is something most car owners will come into contact with at least once during the duration of car ownership. You will need access to your car’s under carriage, which typically requires a jack to lift the car from the ground.

What Not to Do

Don’t use car jacks to hold a car in place, it is strictly for raising or lowering the car to change tires and do maintenance to the under carriage. Do not leave the wheels unblocked or your car runs the risk of rolling, which could knock it off the jack and cause serious problems for whoever happens to be working underneath. You should also avoid changing tires on a freeway, pulling off to the side wherever possible.

What to Do

Begin by parking your vehicle on the side of the road, or in a space that is safe for your to work. Feel beneath the car for the bar of your chassis and position the 3 ton floor jack so that it will raise the car from that support. Put the car in park if your transmission is automatic, and engage the parking brake. If you do not have blocks to stop your car from rolling, turn the wheel of your car so that the tires are against the curb.

Jack the car up slowly, then place stands beneath the car. Lower the jack until the car rests comfortably on the stands that you set up.

Classic Car Transport: Know Your Options

classic car transportAre you familiar with services provided by businesses such as A1AutoTransport? Suppose you frequent the ads on websites like ebay and craigslist, drooling over cars you would own if only the seller was someplace that you could drive to. If you were familiar with A1AutoTransport, then you would no longer be drooling on your keyboard but rather on the dashboard of your sporty new whip that was delivered to your home this afternoon. A little knowledge never hurt anybody. Knowing the kinds of auto transport services that are out there, their limitations and their limitations, only expands the possibilities for your future. Long distance moves will be less stressful if you are trying to transport your car. Business will be smoother with a steady transport service that delivers cars to your warehouse or dealership. Every day, your vehicle transports you places, but do you ever stop to think who transports your vehicle places?

These kinds of services are not just limited to car transport either. If you are the proud owner of a classic car, RV, a boat, or a motorcycle, then transport services both domestically and internationally, are available. A quick phone call or a direction of your web browser is all that it takes to receive a quote for your next transport. Shipping is safe and secure. You can even watch your delivery, in real-time, via satellite. You can be with your delivery every step of the way. Imagine the peace of mind you will have by knowing when car is still on in route, on its way to the destination.

Choosing an Auto Transport Service

Choosing a service to transport your vehicle is a decision that should be made carefully, so every attempt should be made to gather as much information as possible about the details of the services offered, the estimated time involved, and of course, about the price. You want the company you choose to provide A1AutoTransport, and many will promise as much, but finding the most reliable company is up to you.

Your responsibilities include providing your prospective company with enough information about your requirements to be able plan for the job and to give you a good quote on what transporting your vehicle would cost. There are many auto transport  companies that are equipped to handle all sorts of jobs provided that they are given all of the requisite information before beginning the job.

So when selecting a company, you should give some thought to what your requirements are. Are you looking to ship a high end vehicle, a collector’s car that will never be driven, or your trusty day to day vehicle? Is your priority price, or security? These and other similar questions are important to consider, because there are companies that specialize in the transportation of high end vehicles, using special enclosed trailers and offering  extra protection for their customer’s vehicles. Needless to say, such companies charge premium prices. If you are looking for a reputable, reliable company to transport your family car at minimal cost, you can find that as well.