60s/70s Classic Muscle Cars – A List

In this day and age, the resurgence of the ‘muscle car era’ is considered to be unlikely by several enthusiasts. To put it simply, car manufacturers will never go back to producing vehicle with the focus purely being on performance, power and speed.

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This is probably the reason why classic muscle cars from the 60s and 70s will continue to be revered for a long time.

So, here a list of late 60s and early 70s muscle cars:

#1: Dodge Charger

Launched in 1966, this vehicle with the Hemi engine put out almost 500 bhp and reached 100 km/h in just 5 seconds.

#2: Oldsmobile 442

Equipped with a police specification engine with the ability to crank out 310 bhp, this Cutlass model has been considered to be one of the best cars for handling amongst other muscle cars of its era.

#3: The 1966 Ford Fairlane GT

At its very best, the Ford Fairlane GT used a NASCAR 7.0 liter engine that was at 435 bhp, and could get your to 100 kmph in about six seconds or so. Rigid front suspension and disc brakes improved handling to a large extent.

#4: Dodge Challenger

Selling more than 80000 cars in its first year, its most popular model R/T garnered a lot of attention amongst enthusiasts, can be seen in the movie ‘Vanishing Point’.

#5: The 1970 Buick GSX

Perhaps the defining feature of this vehicle was its ability to accommodate a 7.5 liter engine and produce 400 bhp, and came only in yellow or white, as opposed to the Buick GS.

#6: The 1969 Pontiac GTO

This vehicle was targeted towards a younger audience, and in its final version, was fitted with a 6.5 liter V8 engine that could put out almost 366 bhp, making for a cheap and fast car.


Questions to Ask If Restoring a ‘Muscle Car’

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Owning a “muscle car”, a trend which has been steadily on the decline since the 60s & 70s, is a dream that most people have. If you’re one of these folks who have always loved old cars and wish to buy one, here are a few questions that you should ask yourself:

#1: What’s the budget?

Knowing how much money you can spend is the first step to owning a muscle car. As you search for your favorite car both online and offline, this figure will change, but it is good to at least have a starting point.

#2: What condition should the car be in?

If the car that you have your eye on is in a semi-restored or unrestored state, it might cost you much less. However, once you do buy and decide to put it back on the road again, you will soon realize that the working parts required can cost you a fortune.

#3: Which model/ car do I want?

Since most of these classic muscle cars are pretty expensive, there’s no doubt that you budget will dictate which vehicle you would like to purchase. However, if you do have the money and have a sentimental attachment to a particular automaker, it’s probably a good idea to go after what you want.

#4: Can I ‘restore’ the car myself?

Since these powerful cars were designed rather simply, all it takes is a simple garage and some tools to bring it back to mint condition. If you don’t have the appropriate knowledge to carry out such a project, please be advised that it could be very expensive to hire a professional for the job.


Top Five Muscle Cars of all Times

Muscle cars have always been the crowning glory of the American auto industry in the 1960s and 70s. Even though there been a decline in popularity over the years, one thing is for certain among car buffs: a sense of enthusiasm and nostalgia grips them when classic muscle cars are brought up in conversation.

So, here’s a list that might bring a smile on your face, as we look at the big and noisy “muscle cars” that have been popular during the latter half of the 21st century:

#5: 1970 Plymouth Hemi ‘Cuda

With five high-powered V8 engines, the Hemi Barracuda put out at least 425 horsepower, making it a car to reckon with, despite having to deal with questionable handling.

#4: 1970 Chevelle 454 SS

The defining feature of this vehicle is its 454 cubic inch engine at a horsepower of 360; a LS6 upgrade would catapult it to a horsepower 450, really pushing the limits to engine power.

#3: 1969 Z28 Chevy Camaro

This vehicle is popular amongst muscle car enthusiasts, and is considered to be the first generation Camaro designed for Trans-Am racing.

#2: 1966 Shelby Cobra 427

The Shelby Cobra was not actually an American car but actually based on a British AC Ace Roadster with a huge Ford 427 engine under its hood.

#1: 1967 Shelby Mustang GT500

Created by Carroll Shelby, this vehicle possessed a Police Interceptor Engine with horsepower amounting to 355, this car shot to instant fame, and remains so, because of its design suiting road use as opposed to the GT350 which was for the races.

The One Thing Every Cayman Vacation Needs

Written by Andy’s Rent-a-Car

If you would love to spend some time away, then the perfect vacation spot is going to be the Cayman Islands. You’ll enjoy nothing but sunshine, amazing food and fantastic beverages, unbelievable views and countless activities you can’t find anywhere else on the planet. With just one visit, you’ll understand why thousands of people take trips here every year.


To truly enjoy yourself on the islands, plan out where you want to go and what you want to see.Even if you plan on just lounging by a pool or beach the entire holiday, you will need to plan your travel. By planning your holiday you will also figure out your transportation requirements.

One very important way of seeing to this is with a car rental in Grand Cayman. You may not think such a thing would be important, given how small the island is, but it’s actually quite vital. Remember that thousands of other tourists will be enjoying the island at the same time you are, to say nothing of all the people who actually live there. Competing with all these people for taxis and buses is no way to spend your time.

Get your own rental car and you can travel around these beautiful islands as you please.


Do you need a car rental Cayman island? If so, then Andy’s Rent-a-Car should be your choice. They have all your Grand Cayman car rentalsneeds covered and then some.

Enjoy a Romantic Getaway in Grand Cayman Without Waiting for a Ride

Whether you’ve come to Grand Cayman for your honeymoon or for a romantic break from your everyday routine, Grand Cayman car rentals give you access to the legendary beauty and playful spirit will stun you and your companion over the course of your stay. After arriving by air or by boat, you’ll find that Grand Cayman offers adventure, placid beauty, delicious cuisine, and excitement around every corner.

For those who want to get the most out of their stay, look into hotel reservations in George Town or West Bay. George Town is the capital of Grand Cayman, and features excellent excursions and quiet sightseeing opportunities. West Bay is home to other scenic tourist attractions, including the world-famous Seven Mile Beach.

Rent a Car

Despite Grand Cayman’s imposing name (it’s just larger than 75 square miles), it’s recommended that you drive across the island at your leisure. Before you’ve arrived, secure adequate transportation and rent a car in Grand Cayman. One option is Andy’s Car Rental, which offers a variety of sporty and functional vehicle options for the stylish and adventurous couples alike.

Andy’s has two locations—the George Town location is conveniently close to Owen Roberts International Airport, while the Seven Mile Beach location is right next to West Bay. The company even offers free shuttle service to and from its offices, which makes getting in and out of Grand Cayman as painless as a tropical breeze. Grand Cayman rent a car has never been so easy!

Soak up the Sun

There’s plenty of natural beauty to enjoy in Grand Cayman, and it’s recommended you see as much of it as possible. Seven Mile Beach is an obvious choice for any couple that appreciates crystal-clear water, powdery sand, and outdoor adventure. Whether you spend the day tanning on the shore, splashing in the water, snorkeling, or sailing just off the coast, there’s plenty to thrill couples looking for something different. At Seven Mile Beach is the Caribbean Club, which has a variety of delicious restaurants that show off the local cuisine.

Taste the Caribbean

Caribbean culture is famously intoxicating, but nowhere is this truer than in Grand Cayman’s numerous spirit distilleries. The local rum and beer are delicious, but be careful: have too much and you won’t be able to enjoy the flavorful spices and aromas that make Grand Cayman cuisine so special. If you’re in George Town, check out the Cayman Spirits Co. Distillery for delicious and authentic Caribbean rum.


Andy’s Rent-A-Car is your source to rent a car in Grand Cayman, outfitted with GPS to help you get around the island. Book your rental today with Andy’s.

Useful Grand Cayman Car Information

Written by Andy’s Rent-A-Car

Grand Cayman car hire agencies are very present at the Owen Roberts International Airport. There’s a good reason for that. Travelling by car on the island is the most convenient way of transportation. Mopeds are also quite popular. They are easy to park and they do not take a lot of space. This makes getting around very easy. It also allows you to bypass any traffic jams.

If you want to explore the Seven Mile beach, renting a car is advised. It will allow you to discover the island’s hidden treasures at your own speed. Just be sure to know all about driving on the islands first.

The major difference that tourists notice, is the driving side. Cayman Islands fall under the British territory and thus, driving is done on the left side of the road. However, most drivers get used to it in a few hours. There is a panoply of vehicles to choose from at car rental in Cayman Islands. Jeeps are great if you want to visit the hidden parts of the islands. This will allow you to tackle the dirt roads without any issues.

Convertibles are a great choice for couples without children, especially because of the limited space. While vans are great if you are travelling in a large group. Conventional cars have their place too. They are very good value for money, do not consume a lot of fuel and will not alienate you from your driving habits.

Andy’s Rent-A-Car proposes a choice of car rentals Grand Cayman services for visitors seeking car rental Cayman Islands information.

Cheap Ford Tractor

Written by Worthington Ag Parts

Ford tractors are used in fields for various applications and are quite essential farming equipment. If you wish to replace a broken engine other malfunctioning parts, buying used farm equipment will get the job done at a lower price than buying new parts. Apart from the lower cost, several advantages can be derived by purchasing second hand. Some of their include reliability, eco-friendliness and complete refurbishment.


Complete Refurbishment and eco-friendliness

It is in the interest of second hand part shops to ensure that parts on sale are in good condition and would not be subject to a breakdown. This helps them in building the trust of their customers. A used diesel engine for instance, would be thoroughly cleaned by using a chemical vat. The part will then be rebuilt and tested to make sure that it works efficiently. All worn-out parts are also replaced. In order to prevent rust, these parts are also painted and waterproofed. Buying used parts also constitutes of an eco-friendly initiative.

Lower Cost and Increased Reliability

Naturally, used items will come at a lower price compared to new parts. Another advantage is that while the price of part decrease with years, their usefulness does not decrease with years. For instance, most used engines still have a considerable amount of miles ahead of them. With proper maintenance, these parts would be able to sustain good performance. Older parts are also more reliable and they have been known to be consistent.

Worthington Ag Parts specializes in used and new Ford tractor parts.

Rules for Driving in Grand Cayman

Written by: Andys Rent-A-Car

Before you hit the road on your dream vacation, you should be sure that you’re driving in accordance with the rules of the Cayman Islands. The islands aren’t far from the states, but they do require different rules that what you might be used to. Some of the biggest changes have to do with driving on what Americans would consider “the wrong side of the road.” However, that’s not the only challenge you’ll face as a foreigner touching down on the Cayman Islands for the first time.

Business or pleasure, you’ll need these tips to drive rental cars in Grand Cayman.

Observe the Common Rules of the Road

Before you hit the road in earnest, make sure that you’ve adjusted your mirrors and that you have adequate vision around you. Fasten your seat belts, and have all passengers do the same. Remember that you’ll be driving on the left-hand side of the road, so take a moment to familiarize yourself with how that feels. Once you’ve picked up your car rental in Cayman Island, find a spot where you can drive without feeling the pressures of traffic. Basically, anywhere outside the town will do. Take a scenic drive to get familiar.

Acquire a Permit

Car rentals in Grand Cayman require the driver to have a visitor’s permit. This permit is intended for guests who plan to stay on the island for a period not exceeding six months. It’s simple to acquire one, and you’ll be charged only a nominal fee for it. Testing is not usually required to obtain a visitor’s permit, but you should be mindful that speed limits do not typically exceed 50mph in most zones.

Driving Basics

You’ll find many of the roads to be simple two lane highways, although the roads expand somewhat in town. You’ll need to observe a few rules driving on those open stretches, like overtaking safely. Do not overtake if you see a single or double solid yellow line in the middle of the road. Pedestrians are also commonplace in Grand Cayman, as there are many people here for business and pleasure. They should have the right of way at all times. For those planning to move, and importing a car from the US, be sure that your headlights are dipped left. Also remember that mobile phone use, unless hands-free, is illegal in the Cayman Islands.

Also, it is legal to make a left at a red light after you have made a full stop. Just be careful to look both ways before you do so.

History behind the classic automaker

1955 Chevy 3100Since its beginning, Chevrolet has been a leading United States automaker, and today it rightfully remains an American standard that provides durable and reliable sedans, trucks, and SUVs that can deliver on both performance and luxury. The company started way back in 1911 and has gone through many changes. It’s delivered impressive sports cars like the Chevy Corvette and the Chevy Camaro as well as heavy duty trucks like the Colorado and the Silverado. Today it produces a range of SUVs such as the Chevy Suburban, the Chevy Tahoe, and crossovers like the Chevy Equinox and the Chevy Trax.

Chevrolet began when the founder of General Motors, William Durant was forced to step down from GM. He took over Flint Wagon Works and used the reputation of Louis Chevrolet, a race-car driver, to found the Chevrolet Motor Car Company. Durant always planned on taking back his original company, though, and once Chevrolet had enough capital accrued, he bought a majority share of General Motors, reinstated himself as the president of GM, and merged his younger company. Only a year later, Durant was again removed as the company’s president.

The next president, Alfred Sloan, decided to compete with Ford Motor Company by designing and selling cars meant for any type of consumer on any type of budget. This was a valuable strategy that opened up a large market because Ford had made a point of only marketing the Model T as a high-end luxury vehicle for wealthy consumers. By 1929, Chevrolet had overtaken Ford Motor Company as the leading automobile industry.

General Motors remains a powerful market presence today, but one of its most memorable period was during the 1950s and 1960s when it produced classics like the Chevy Impala, which is still a common sight today, and the 1955 Chevy 3100, the truck that many people picture when they think of classic vehicles. The American muscle car generation is synonymous with classic Chevy sports cars like the Camaro and the Corvette.

As Chevrolet moves forward, the company continues to respond to the needs of consumers, fulfilling its old slogan of “A car for every purse and purpose.” it’s expanded into fuel efficient cars like hybrids and the Chevy Volt, one of the leading models of electric hybrid cars that can be recharged from electrical socket plugins. Of course, the power house SUVS and trucks are still common sights on American roads.

Quality grain augers and farm tractors

Written by Worthington Ag Parts

If you are an agriculture startup, you might have thought about buying second hand equipments. This trend of buying second hand farm implements has been mostly led by the fact that overall it is a good investment. For example if you are looking for grain augers and farm tractors, you might consider second hand parts.

Predictable lifetime


Generally speaking, agricultural equipments have a predictable life span. This means that assessing used equipments is very easy. In fact, a lot of lending institutions will advise using business funds to buy used rather than new machinery. Experts can easily estimate the number of years a used machine can still run, therefore allowing agricultural companies to make a better decision on used goods.

Cost effective

Naturally, used machines are cheaper. Some shops even provide refurbishing services for used machinery. This means that a customer can make a stress free purchase. Good deals like this are great for equipments used seasonally. Since they will not be used year wide, second hand equipments are a very wise investment.The same goes for repairs. A lot of agricultural companies tend to go for new parts as a reflex. But used and refurbished parts may be a cheaper alternative. You might also think to combine parts to use a machine.

Tried and tested

A lot of tests have shown that older machines have more or less the same functionalities as newer ones. This is due to the fact that these machines have been tried and tested over multiple years. After a while, these equipments become so good, that new functionalities become scarce.

Worthington Ag Parts specializes in selling new and used agricultural parts including John Deere tractor parts.

Tips on Tractor Maintenance

Written by Worthington Ag Parts

Maintenance is important to maintain performance and prolong machinery life. All you need to do is regularly check the parts, apply or replenish oil on engine and bearings. Here are some tips on what you can do.


For tractors used every day, you should always check the level of oil in the engine and make sure its always replenished. Use the right grade of oil always. Check if the radiator has ample supply of water, refill it whenever needed.

Weekly routine checks should also cover the parts you check daily. At the end of the week, check the air pressure of your tractor tires. Most likely, it gets low after heavy workweeks, so make sure it’s in the right level. Next, you can check the fan belt elasticity. You’ll know you may need to change the belt after checking the elasticity with your thumb. You also need to check the oil filter and make sure to drain any traces of water on it. The water level of the battery should also be refilled weekly or whenever needed.

If you need to repair your tractor, used farm equipment and parts are available online. These stores come in very handy especially if you are looking for a specific model or brand. You can check first with the website for different brands like Ford tractor parts, John Deere tractors parts, and bargain deals to see if they’re available before going to the local store. Alternatively, you can just order them online and have the parts shipped to your address.

Worthington Ag Parts offers new and used farm equipment supplies. Visit their website for a comprehensive list of local and international brands on AG parts.

How the Sun Damages Cars’ Paint

By Andy’s Rent-A-Car

When it’s time to escape the everyday life and head somewhere a bit more exotic, the Cayman Islands make perfect sense. However, there’s a lot you need to think about before boarding that plane for paradise. Aside from packing all the necessities, be sure you also think about a rent a car in Grand Cayman while you’re there so you can easily get around

Another thing to think about is getting insurance for your rental. Car rentals Grand Cayman may offer it, but think about going through your current carrier too. Plenty can go wrong, even in paradise, and you don’t want to get left holding the bag.

One thing you may not think about when it comes to damages is the sun’s rays. So insurance makes sense even for the best of drivers if it means protecting them from having to pay for what the sun can do.


Over time, the sun’s UV rays begin to work on the paintjob of the car. This can eventually cause it to blister and crack, especially in somewhere a shot as the Cayman Islands. So consider getting insurance if for no other reason than helping defend from this issue.


Despite its relatively small size, there is no shortage of things to do on the Cayman Islands. From swimming with manta rays to tanning on the beach to visiting historical sites, you’ll have your arms full while you’re there, which is why a Grand Cayman car rental from Andy’s Rent-A-Car makes so much sense.

Handle Car Repairs on Your Own

By Toolsmith Direct

Almost everyone these days is looking to save as much money as possible. For some things, this can be easy. You can forego some luxury items for example and even find ways to spend less on essentials like utilities and the grocery bill. However, even the most passionate of savers tend to draw the line somewhere and for many that’s at touching their car. The majority of people just have no idea how their vehicle works despite all the time they spend using it.

That’s why it’s so important to get acquainted with how they work. Thanks to the Internet, there is no shortage of ways you can get a look at the inner workings of the vehicle you depend on each and every day. So spend some time invested in this endeavor and it could pay off dividends later. If nothing else, it will help you now whether or not a mechanic is trying to take advantage of you.


Then invest in the right tools. A snap-on tool bag is one affordable option to make sure you can adjust just about anything in your car. Something like a snap-on generator will also go a long way towards ensuring you have everything you need.


When you need the right tools for the job, nothing but the best will suffice. That’s why so many customers rely on Toolsmith Direct for their needs. They get the best possible options (including popular options like snap-on air tools) at low prices and shipping that comes right to their door.