Rules for Driving in Grand Cayman

Written by: Andys Rent-A-Car

Before you hit the road on your dream vacation, you should be sure that you’re driving in accordance with the rules of the Cayman Islands. The islands aren’t far from the states, but they do require different rules that what you might be used to. Some of the biggest changes have to do with driving on what Americans would consider “the wrong side of the road.” However, that’s not the only challenge you’ll face as a foreigner touching down on the Cayman Islands for the first time.

Business or pleasure, you’ll need these tips to drive rental cars in Grand Cayman.

Observe the Common Rules of the Road

Before you hit the road in earnest, make sure that you’ve adjusted your mirrors and that you have adequate vision around you. Fasten your seat belts, and have all passengers do the same. Remember that you’ll be driving on the left-hand side of the road, so take a moment to familiarize yourself with how that feels. Once you’ve picked up your car rental in Cayman Island, find a spot where you can drive without feeling the pressures of traffic. Basically, anywhere outside the town will do. Take a scenic drive to get familiar.

Acquire a Permit

Car rentals in Grand Cayman require the driver to have a visitor’s permit. This permit is intended for guests who plan to stay on the island for a period not exceeding six months. It’s simple to acquire one, and you’ll be charged only a nominal fee for it. Testing is not usually required to obtain a visitor’s permit, but you should be mindful that speed limits do not typically exceed 50mph in most zones.

Driving Basics

You’ll find many of the roads to be simple two lane highways, although the roads expand somewhat in town. You’ll need to observe a few rules driving on those open stretches, like overtaking safely. Do not overtake if you see a single or double solid yellow line in the middle of the road. Pedestrians are also commonplace in Grand Cayman, as there are many people here for business and pleasure. They should have the right of way at all times. For those planning to move, and importing a car from the US, be sure that your headlights are dipped left. Also remember that mobile phone use, unless hands-free, is illegal in the Cayman Islands.

Also, it is legal to make a left at a red light after you have made a full stop. Just be careful to look both ways before you do so.

History behind the classic automaker

1955 Chevy 3100Since its beginning, Chevrolet has been a leading United States automaker, and today it rightfully remains an American standard that provides durable and reliable sedans, trucks, and SUVs that can deliver on both performance and luxury. The company started way back in 1911 and has gone through many changes. It’s delivered impressive sports cars like the Chevy Corvette and the Chevy Camaro as well as heavy duty trucks like the Colorado and the Silverado. Today it produces a range of SUVs such as the Chevy Suburban, the Chevy Tahoe, and crossovers like the Chevy Equinox and the Chevy Trax.

Chevrolet began when the founder of General Motors, William Durant was forced to step down from GM. He took over Flint Wagon Works and used the reputation of Louis Chevrolet, a race-car driver, to found the Chevrolet Motor Car Company. Durant always planned on taking back his original company, though, and once Chevrolet had enough capital accrued, he bought a majority share of General Motors, reinstated himself as the president of GM, and merged his younger company. Only a year later, Durant was again removed as the company’s president.

The next president, Alfred Sloan, decided to compete with Ford Motor Company by designing and selling cars meant for any type of consumer on any type of budget. This was a valuable strategy that opened up a large market because Ford had made a point of only marketing the Model T as a high-end luxury vehicle for wealthy consumers. By 1929, Chevrolet had overtaken Ford Motor Company as the leading automobile industry.

General Motors remains a powerful market presence today, but one of its most memorable period was during the 1950s and 1960s when it produced classics like the Chevy Impala, which is still a common sight today, and the 1955 Chevy 3100, the truck that many people picture when they think of classic vehicles. The American muscle car generation is synonymous with classic Chevy sports cars like the Camaro and the Corvette.

As Chevrolet moves forward, the company continues to respond to the needs of consumers, fulfilling its old slogan of “A car for every purse and purpose.” it’s expanded into fuel efficient cars like hybrids and the Chevy Volt, one of the leading models of electric hybrid cars that can be recharged from electrical socket plugins. Of course, the power house SUVS and trucks are still common sights on American roads.

Quality grain augers and farm tractors

Written by Worthington Ag Parts

If you are an agriculture startup, you might have thought about buying second hand equipments. This trend of buying second hand farm implements has been mostly led by the fact that overall it is a good investment. For example if you are looking for grain augers and farm tractors, you might consider second hand parts.

Predictable lifetime


Generally speaking, agricultural equipments have a predictable life span. This means that assessing used equipments is very easy. In fact, a lot of lending institutions will advise using business funds to buy used rather than new machinery. Experts can easily estimate the number of years a used machine can still run, therefore allowing agricultural companies to make a better decision on used goods.

Cost effective

Naturally, used machines are cheaper. Some shops even provide refurbishing services for used machinery. This means that a customer can make a stress free purchase. Good deals like this are great for equipments used seasonally. Since they will not be used year wide, second hand equipments are a very wise investment.The same goes for repairs. A lot of agricultural companies tend to go for new parts as a reflex. But used and refurbished parts may be a cheaper alternative. You might also think to combine parts to use a machine.

Tried and tested

A lot of tests have shown that older machines have more or less the same functionalities as newer ones. This is due to the fact that these machines have been tried and tested over multiple years. After a while, these equipments become so good, that new functionalities become scarce.

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