Perfect Is Never Easy

There are many ways to go about painting a car. The crudest and simplest way is to apply a number of layers of paint and then simply let out to dry, if desired, apply a clear coat for that extra gloss. Then there is the proper way of going about it, taking precautions to ensure a smooth and shiny finish. In order to attain that goal, there are various techniques in order to prevent all forms of contaminants.

                The paint is first mixed in a controlled well-litenvironment in a paint mixing room. Next is the spraying of paint, this happens also in an enclosed space called a spray booth. This keeps out wind, dust, moisture and other contaminants to give the surface an even coat and prevents particles from clinging on to the surface. After the multiple layers of paint are applied, the vehicle should be subject to a form of finishing systems, like the waterborne drying systems that not only isolates the object from the atmosphere, it also reduces curing time by about 90%. This significantly increases the quality of paint as it reduces the exposure to air during curing.

                Automotive painting can be simple, but it can also be very intricate depending on the outcome that you are trying to achieve. It’s one that really requires time and effort to succeed,After all, no worthy outcome ever comes easy.