Sales tactics that helps Chrysler beat others

Since 2010, Chrysler is improving its year over year sales more than any other vehicle manufacturer in the U.S. Even the more predominant General Motors come behind Chrysler. The secret to this success is its sales strategy. Chrysler sales far exceeded the industry standard of 15 percent sales increase hitting record 26 percent for this year through August.

Chrysler’s sales tactics include colorful tents draped in flags that mimic a sale in progress. Other incentives include “no payments for 90 days” on car leases helping those customers who are having difficulty coming up with the down payment, taxes, title and license fees. In this difficult financial climate, these tactics help Chrysler sell or lease more vehicles and encourage people to buy.

Another incentive includes bonuses for top sales people and allocation of new cars for dealerships. Additionally, Chrysler closely monitors dealer sales activity on a weekly basis which helps the company to forecast sales with more accuracy. Another tactic is sale of a hard to move vehicle such as Dodge Journey will count as two sales for the salesman. Since its 2009 purchase by Fiat, Chrysler is revamping its lineup of vehicles. Dealers who meet the sales mark will receive new vehicles first.